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Headlines for September 08, 2017

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Headlines for September 08, 2017
Powerful Hurricane Irma Pummels Turks and Caicos, Spares Hispaniola; Florida: More Than a Half-Million Evacuate Ahead of Hurricane Irma Landfall; Florida Nuclear Plants in Path of Hurricane Shut Down; Hurricanes Katia and Jose Threaten Mexico, Eastern Caribbean; Report: Climate Change Driving Mass Extinction of Parasites; Texas First Responders Sue Arkema over Exposure to Chemical Plant Fire; Mexico Rattled by Country's Strongest Earthquake in 100 Years; Syria Condemns Israeli Airstrikes on Alleged Chemical Weapons Site; President Trump Welcomes Kuwaiti Emir, Promises Weapons Sales; Doctors Group Warns EU over Gross Abuses of Migrants in Libya; Federal Court Deals Blow to Trump Travel...
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